Speed up Your WordPress website

3 Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Website speed is way more important than you think. Uncompressed images, plugins and themes can play havoc on your load time which in turn can negatively impact your user views, conversion rates and worst of all your SEO ranking.

Once an internet user lands on your site, you have just a few seconds to make a positive impression. The facts below reflects the reality about internet users.

  • About 47% of users expect your webpages to fully load under 2s
  • 57% of users will close a website that does not load under 3s
  • At times of traffic surge, 75% of online customers will opt to a competing site instead of waiting
  • 8% of potential buyers say that extremely slow loading site is the principal reason for not purchasing.
  • Search engines take site loading speed into consideration in their ranking algorithm.

With this glaring statistics, it is obvious that once an internet user lands on your site, you have a few seconds to make them stay or leave and that means loss or gain in conversion and loyal visitors. Now that we know this, here comes the million dollar question: how can you speed up your WordPress website to load under 2s?

Here are the 3 most effective ways to dramatically speed up your WordPress website load time. Now, this list is by no means exhaustive, but certainly a great way to start.

Don’t Skimp Out on Hosting

While it is cheap and the offers are incredible, shared hosting option comes at a huge cost. You will have to expect very slow speeds and frequent downtimes especially during periods of high traffic. Good hosting service is particularly important when your content is high in demand and attract lots of visits. As a rule, I believe if it’s worth owning a website and publishing on it, is even worth more investing on a good host.

Optimize Your Webpages

Your website contains images, posts, installed widgets, themes and plugins. All of these must be optimized for speed. You can apply the suggestions listed below to achieve this.

  1. Reduce the number of post per page and instead of displaying full post on your homepage, consider using excerpts
  2. Remove unnecessary widgets and inactive plugins
  3. Use light-weight images or optimize them to load faster using image plugins
  4. Choose a light-weight and easily customizable theme that suits your need

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The term CDN might be strange but the concept behind it is really simple. A CDN is a network of servers at different locations. These servers stores static files of webpages. If you use a CDN for your site, when a user visits your website, he is served by the closest server to ensure good loading speed.

Implementing these will lead to improvement in your site performance and SEO. Don’t forget, your WordPress site loading speed means conversion rate and that’s means money in your pocket.


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