5 social media mistakes to avoid

5 Social Media Business Mistakes to Avoid

Social media is used by most people to connect with their family and friends but it has also been a very important tool for business promotion. However, with the optimism of making their businesses bigger, many business owners have quickly taken advantage of using social media only to later realize that it involves much more than they had thought.

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There are several reasons why promoting business on social media have failed for many. I have listed the most common mistakes that some have made and that you need to avoid if you are to succeed and as well make more money.

Lack of Long-term Commitment

When many entrepreneurs first learn about the benefits of harnessing social media to promote their businesses, they hastily create a classy Facebook or Twitter page but all too soon get tired of updating it. The real problem here is that they haven’t gotten the results they had anticipated and it becomes a matter of postponed expectation.

If you really want to be successful using social media for your business, you must make it part of your business. You need to strategize and plan to devote at least part of your time to manage your account(s).

Not Providing Real Value

Why do many people use social media? Is it because they want to see your new ads or promotional videos? Far from it! Many are there to connect with real people and find something of real value. It can be challenging trying to fix in marketing into social media and get excellent results. But Hey! I’m not saying it isn’t possible. It’s only possible if you provide real value. At first, focus on building authority and a brand instead of all-out marketing. Provide helpful tips and solve problems related to your business niche. If you do this, people will see valid reasons to follow you, read your posts, comment, share them and even ask questions that could lead to sales.

Information Overload

Now that you’ve read about providing real value, do not forget why you are on social media. You must strike a balance between posting helpful contents and promoting your business. Don’t be that guy that befriends a beautiful lady for several years without telling her his intentions. One day, she’s going to get married to another guy. Imagine the heartbreak! The situation can be similar when you are not promoting your business. I personally suggest making 10-20% of your social media content promotional with calls to action.

The More The Merrier Philosophy

How many times have you heard that two are better than one? I’m sorry to disappoint you on this one because, with social media marketing, it is one is better than two. What do I mean? Many people make the mistake of creating accounts on the various social media platforms. Sooner or later they abandon them since they can’t manage all of them. You must remember having an account which hasn’t been updated for months is counter-productive and creates a bad image of your business. What I’m saying here is that you should only create business visibility on platforms that you can manage.

Over-Dependence on Auto-posting

In a quest to save time, many use auto-posters to schedule posts on their multiple social media pages. They forget that over-dependence on this method retracts people rather than attract them to their business. Also, posts should be created manually for different sites because what works on Twitter may not look good on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you can’t manage social media yourself, then hire a professional who can.