3 Reasons Why You Need WordPress Driving Your Business Online

WordPress is one of the most popular and preferred blogging options for businesses that are online. The fact still remains that, it is still underutilized as many WordPress users are yet to fully harness the powerful content management system to the fullest as it goes beyond just blogging. Initially, wordpress was designed solely for the […]

5 social media mistakes to avoid

5 Social Media Business Mistakes to Avoid

Social media is used by most people to connect with their family and friends but it has also been a very important tool for business promotion. However, with the optimism of making their businesses bigger, many business owners have quickly taken advantage of using social media only to later realize that it involves much more […]

Wordpress website

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Keep Your WordPress Up-to-date

  As a WordPress user, you will always get an update notification on your dashboard requesting that you update your WordPress to the most recent version and you are wondering if you should update or not. In this write up, we will explain why updating your WordPress to the latest version is important. WordPress is […]

Speed up Your WordPress website

3 Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Website speed is way more important than you think. Uncompressed images, plugins and themes can play havoc on your load time which in turn can negatively impact your user views, conversion rates and worst of all your SEO ranking. Once an internet user lands on your site, you have just a few seconds to make […]

West70th is now RedRiverHost.com LLC

Dear West70th Customer, I’m excited to announce our new brand, RedRiverHost.com. The past few years I’ve invested more into dedicated hardware and server optimization while spending less time on the creative and design work. The name change is an effort to better reflect the focus on providing performance website hosting. Services are faster and more reliable than ever. […]